Elias Rubenstein

Senator h.c. Dr. Dr. h.c. Elias Rubenstein is an author, speaker and artist. Rubenstein earned a doctorate in economics and, for his work and service, also received an honorary doctorate as well. He is also a member of the academic honorary senate. Elias Rubenstein was also recognized as an “Ambassador for Peace” by the Universal Peace Federation.

Elias Rubenstein is chairman of the Hermetic Academy and Grand Master of the Martinist Order, as well as of the Rosicrucian Order. The Martinist Order dates back to Louis Claude de Saint-Martin. Further, Elias Rubenstein preserves the heritage of the “Ordre de Chevaliers Maçons Élus Coëns de l’Univers.” The Élus Coëns Order was founded in 1765 by Martinez de Pasqually.


Texts from our online library

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His mystical artworks of hermetics and Kabbalah are available in the web shop of the website www.elias-rubenstein.com.



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